Terms and Conditions

Please read through these Terms and Conditions thoroughly before submitting your film.

  1. The producer of the film must be between the ages of 16 -25.
  2. The submission form must be completed and submitted by the producer. Incomplete entry forms will not be accepted.
  3. Films must be submitted by 16th of June, 2019. No late entries will be considered.
  4. The producer is the copyright owner of the film that is entered in the Newport Youth Film Showcase. The producer must sort permission to use any copyrighted music featured in the film from the owner of the said music.
  5. Newport Folk Festival and Newport Youth Film Showcase takes no responsibility for any breach of copyright by other parties.
  6. The maximum length of short films to be 15 minutes or less including titles and credits
  7. There is no rating limit for the films. We are a festival that encourages artistic freedom.  All films will go through a review process and films will be selected for the festival by a Review Panel. The Review Panel reserves the right to disallow any films believed to be too explicit, gratuitous or in extremely bad taste.
  8. Selections of the Review Panel are final and no discussion will be entered into regarding the choice of films.
  9. A warning will be announced before any film or group of films that are deemed mature, graphic in nature, or deal with more serious themes.
  10. The age range of the film festival is 16-25.
  11. In the event of prizes, they will be awarded to the Producer of the film. If the Producer is not there to receive it, an associate may receive it.
  12. One entry per producer.